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Being a woman is a magical journey filled with trial, triumph, and unmistakable strength. One thing we should never have to worry about is our hair or the products we use to make sure we are our own #hairgoals. With so many options the hair and beauty product buying process can be overwhelming and expensive as you try to find the products that work best for you. Ever spent hours at your local beauty supply store staring at products on endless shelves or counted the wasted coins spent on ineffective products that pile up under your bathroom sink? Save your valuable time and hard earned money by becoming a bonafide ILYH girl.

We’ve curated a community of hair loving, curl poppin’ and edge laying ILYH girls and we’ve successfully secured a space for women to be inspired, connect, and shop high quality hair accessories, products, and hair tools. We are committed to sourcing the best emerging products from up & coming beauty brands and well-known brands alike to bring you ILYH approved products that you can trust. Whether we have to search through stores, scroll through the internet, or develop them ourselves. You’ll never go without the highly recommended and most-loved hair products you need to have the entire world confessing “I Luv Your Hair!"